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“京剧飞盘”成爆款火出圈 引发服贸会“京剧热”

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“Peking Opera Flying Disc” Kindles Passion for Peking Opera at CIFTIS


On the second day of the public open day of the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the special exhibition“Learn about Beijing through Traditional Opera – A Tour of Peking Opera Culture” attracted even more visitors. 


Yang Shuo, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, experiences the digital interaction of Peking Opera at the exhibition.


Yang Shuo, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, visited the exhibition. He spoke highly of innovation achievements of Peking Opera, such as digital interaction and Peking Opera-themed cultural and creative products. He noted that the history of famous Peking Opera artist Mei Lanfang visiting Shougang three times should be known to more people, and expressed hope that the“Tour of Peking Opera Culture” program will become better in the future and develop into a significant cultural IP that enables people to learn about Beijing through traditional opera while telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices to the world. 


At the exhibition, a variety of Peking Opera-themed cultural and creative products and intangible cultural heritage experiences gained unprecedented popularity, kindling an explosive passion for Peking Opera at CIFTIS.

京剧飞盘成服贸会爆款 京剧文化成功“出圈”

“Peking Opera Flying Disc” Gains Unexpected Popularity


In Shougang Park, a venue for this year’s CIFTIS, a group of cheerful young people were playing flying discs, on which were printed with the portraits of the“13 Peking Opera masters during the reign of Emperor Tongguang” in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Those Peking Opera-themed flying discs are part of the cultural and creative products presented by the“Tour of Peking Opera Culture” program.


Peking Opera-themed cultural and creative products


The special exhibition displayed a series of cultural and creative products related to Peking Opera, including flying discs, poker cards, T-shirts, and postcards. In this way, Peking Opera is incorporated into modern lifestyles and becomes more accessible to today’s people. Those exquisite and culturally profound products were popular among visitors at CIFTIS. When buying those products, they also brought Peking Opera culture back home. 


A booth selling Peking Opera-themed cultural and creative products


Indian visitor Maitri Sharma experiences a Peking Opera costume.


The palace costume wore by“Concubine Yang Yuhuan” in the Peking Opera play The Drunken Beauty, various types of headwear… A plethora of exquisite exhibits at the Peking Opera Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop drew eyes of visitor. According to a staffer of the workshop, a Peking Opera costume may cost at least six months to complete, thus having great artistic and historical value. Maitri Sharma, a visitor from India, put on a costume and learned the gestures and movements of Peking Opera on the spot. She said that she liked traditional Chinese clothes very much due to their bright colors and superb craftsmanship. 


A headwear on display 


Visitors enjoy the exhibition.


In addition, Sun Ying, a representative inheritor of the traditional opera costume and props making technique, a national intangible cultural heritage, showcased the technique of traditional Beijing embroidery at the exhibition. Experiencing the intangible cultural heritage closed the gap between Peking Opera and the audience. 


Experiencing Beijing embroidery


The“Tour of Peking Opera Culture” program


The“Tour of Peking Opera Culture” program is a brand combining culture and tourism presented by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center under Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on the occasion of the 230th anniversary of the Anhui opera troupes entering Beijing. A key project in the 14th Five-Year Plan for Cultural and Tourism Development of Beijing (2021-2025), the program aims to strengthen the planning and development of the entire industrial chain of Peking Opera, achieve revival of the traditional art, and make“Learn about Beijing through Traditional Opera” a call card of Beijing. The special exhibition integrated display, experiencing, and cultural and creative products, attracting numerous visitors to participate and injecting vigor into the development of Peking Opera in contemporary times. It represents a new path explored by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center to spread Peking Opera.